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We are industry recognized experts in Internet communications offering a complete range of business solutions including
Toll-free Telephone Services, credit card processing services, and domain name registration.  We are rated a 9.94 of 10 by present and past customers.  Now in our 19th year of business, our customers are a combination of startups, small and large businesses.  Our security and design consultants are well known industry experts and have provided consulting to companies such as Visa International, Hewlett Packard, Intel Corporation, Remedy Corporation, Microsoft, and many others.

We have shifted our business focus on Domain Registrations, Domain Renewals, Credit Card Processing, and Toll-Free Telephone numbers.  If you are a customer of Sturdy Link, then you know that for the past 16 years we provided reliable Web Hosting.  Now we use WWD exclusively for our hosting services.

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Low cost Domain Registration and Renewals
Get your own Toll-Free Telephone number instantly for $2 a month
Credit Card Processing Services

Sturdy Link is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cyber Innovations Corporation
"If you don't have a sturdy link, you aren't a customer of ours."



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Get your own Toll Free Number. Only $2 a Month + 6.9 cents per minute!

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